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MEET liz

Hey there - I'm your photographer, Liz! 

- Firstly - I am a proud North Carolinian; Over the years I have developed such a deep love for my state and all of its natural beauty. I have visited all 100 counties, driving all over the map; including the entirety of the blue ridge parkway on multiple occasions and the full length of the coast - state line to state line. 

- Traveling; is my lifeblood. As much as I love North Carolina - the world is vast and I want to see it all. I try to experience all I can - food, culture, music, scenery! 

- I am a proud mommy of three fur-babies! Elsie Lou, my shelter kitty that acts more like a dog than a cat and my Border Collies, Eisley and Espen.  They will just melt your heart!

- My niece is the biggest motivation I have ever had. She is constantly by my side and learning from me daily. I try to be the best version of myself not only for me but for her.


- Finally, I love photographing happy people in love! I consider myself first and foremost an artist and a visual storyteller.  I am constantly inspired by love and the pure and raw emotions that accompany it.



- Liz  

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